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Life After Life

R Pesach Siegel
Parshas Chayei Sarah
Oct 25, 2013

Parshas Chayei Sora

Rabbi Pesach Siegel
Parshas Chayei Sarah
Oct 21, 2009


Following the untimely death of Sorah Imeinu, Avrohom Avenu embarks on a search for a wife on behalf of his son Yitzchok. He entrusts his faithful servant Eliezer with the task. Eliezer was the father of a daughter and...Read More

Walk a Mile for a Camel

Rabbi Moshe Lieber
Parshas Chayei Sarah
Oct 21, 2009

Camels play a disproportionately large role in the story of Eliezer’s quest until he found Rivka for Yitzchak.

When he met her at the well, the Torah tells us that he waited with bated breath to see if she was the baalas chessed he sought for Yitzchak....Read More

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