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Hope For The Hopeless

R Pesach Siegel
Parshas Noach
Oct 4, 2013

Parshas Noach 5774

Noach was a Tzadik. He was a blemish free Tzadik. He was a blemish free Tzadik in his generation. Our sages call him Lapid...Read More

Not Enough Room?

R Peach Siegel
Parshas Noach
Oct 19, 2012

Parshas Noach 5773


At the end of Parshas Breishis, it is told that Noach had children at the age of five...Read More

Parshas Noach 5771

Rabbi Pesach Siegel
Parshas Noach
Oct 11, 2010

Hashem decreed destruction upon His world. The world was rife with immorality and thievery. He bought upon it a flood.A small remnant would be allowed to survive, Noach, his sons, and their wives. The entire year of the flood they would float above the...Read More

The Straw that Broke the Camelís Back

Rabbi Moshe Lieber
Parshas Noach
Oct 21, 2009

The world was full of idolatry, murder and gross immorality and yet Hashem sealed the decree and brought the Flood because of theft. “The end of all flesh has come before Me for the earth is filled with robbery through them”. Why was robbery seen as so severe a...Read More

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