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Yisro, The Gift of Amalek

R Pesach Siegel
Parshas Yisro
Feb 6, 2015

The Gift of Amalek

Parshas Yisro 5775


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Whose Children?

R Pesach Siegel
Parshas Yisro
Feb 1, 2013

Parshas Yisro 5771

Rabbi Siegel
Parshas Yisro
Jan 23, 2011

Yisro heard. He heard of the miracles that Hashem performed for Moshe Rabeinu and his nation. He came to join the Children of Israel in the desert.


Yisro was unable to penetrate the clouds of glory to enter the camp of the Bnei Yisroel. He sent a...Read More

Parshas Yisro

Rabbi Pesach Siegel
Parshas Yisro
Oct 21, 2009


Yisro heard. He heard of...Read More

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