Welcome to Yeshiva Tiferet, your post-highschool American yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel.

Daily Schedule

Whatever profession you choose - businessman or professor, artist or lawyer, doctor or rabbi - the curriculum of Tiferet lays the groundwork for a lifetime of learning.

You will have the opportunity to complete at least one mesechet of Gemara, two of the Shisha Sidrei Mishna, and either four of the Chamisha Chumshei Torah or three sifrei Tanach. In addition, many students complete personal projects, mentored by rebbeim, kollel fellows, madrichim, or shana-bet students.

Our broad based educational approach helps produce young men who are self-confident but not arrogant, strong but not aggressive, and self-sufficient but deeply involved in Am Yisrael.

Morning Seder
9:30 - 1:00

Gemara B'Iyun: Targeted towards development of textual and analytical skills, this seder is divided between preparation for the shiur, and the shiur itself. Monitored by the maggid shiur with pertinent source texts provided, you will tackle the evolution of the sugya from the Gemara to the Rishonim to the analysis of the classic Lithuanian thinkers. The vigorously interactive shiurim, in which you defend your own conclusions while challenging the conclusions of your friends and maggid shiur, teach you to distinguish nuances and articulate different approaches to the sugya.

Afternoon Seder
3:00 - 6:00

As you reach adulthood, you face many new issues, e.g., emunah, the reasons behind mitzvot, and, of course, living as a committed Jew in a secular world. To prepare you for this stage, most afternoon shiurim focus on hashkafa topics. Choose between shiurim on Chumash, Mishna, Nach, Halacha, Tefillah, and Jewish Philosophy (e.g., Rambam, Maharal, Ramchal, Gra, R. Zadok HaKohen et al).

Night Seder
8:00 - 10:00

In contrast to the first seder focus on analysis, the night seder, Gemara Bekiut, provides breadth of knowledge and a quantifiable sense of accomplishment. The seder is divided between shiur and independent study (monitored by the maggid shiur) with systematic reviews and quizzes. Boys have had extraordinary success in this program with many of them mastering the entire mesechet in the course of the year.

Optional Seder

Students choose between personal learning projects and optional shiurim. The various recreational facilities are also available at this time and during breaks.


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