Welcome to Yeshiva Tiferet, your post-highschool American yeshiva in Jerusalem, Israel.

Our Faculty

Our faculty is distinguished by talmidei chachamim who deeply care about the success of each and every talmid. Come and meet them:

Rabbi Greenwald

Rabbi Chananya Greenwald

Rosh Yeshivah


A veteran educator and lecturer with vast outreach experience in the United States, Australia, Israel, Russia, and England. He also taught in Aish HaTorah and Ohr Somayach where returnees to Judaism were electrified by his unique interpersonal skills and expository flair (and especially his talent on the basketball court).

His literary credits include serving as General Editor of the Aram Soba and Avodat HaLev Siddurim, and translator\elucidator for the Artscroll Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud Bavli.

The Rosh HaYeshiva brings to his undertaking many years of counseling experience. His warm personal touch, evident in his multifaceted role as teacher, mentor, leader, and confidante is the key factor in making Yeshiva Tiferet the cornerstone of religious inspiration in the life of its students and alumni.

Rabbi Perkal

Rabbi Don Perkal



Rabbi Perkal blends a chassidic heart with quick wit and keen insight. His ready humor and practical bent endear him to all of his students, while his meticulously organized shiurim develop their skills and minds.

Rabbi Blau

Rabbi Yitzchak Blau

Shana Gimmel Morning Rebbe


Rabbi Blau's vast erudition is overshadowed only by his passion for knowledge and his warm personality.

Rabbi Rosedale

Rabbi Avraham Rosedale

Shana Bet Mashgiach


In a professional, upbeat manner, Rabbi Rosedale brings an element of excitement and verve to the faculty team. His artistic blend of Torah Scholarship and musical talent draws his talmidim to the Torah's waters and enables them drink thirstily with confidence and success.

Rabbi Zaidoff

Rabbi Ari Zaidoff

Night Seder Mashgiach


Rabbi Zaidoff's unique ability to immediately identify the central point of any issue is key to his effectively guiding his students in the ways of Derech Eretz Kadma La'Torah. His machine-like knack for punctuality is a testiment to his highly developed level of self control, making him a natural role model for his Talmidim to emulate.

Rabbi Manies

Rabbi Chanania Manies

Afternoon Seder Rebbe


Rabbi Siegel

Rabbi Pesach Siegel

Morning / Afternoon Rebbe


Rabbi Siegel was highly active in Torah Umesorah Project Seed for six years before making aliyah. The countless devoted talmidim who call him regularly, despite the years that have passed since they studied under him, bear testimony to his caring nature and wise advice.

Rabbi Greenwald

Rabbi Avrumie Greenwald

Morning / Afternoon Rebbe


With a warm smile, hearty laugh, and killer dialect, Rabbi "Jr." is an instant hit with all of the talmidim. His wit and charm coupled with his quality of making the most difficult of topics accessible to all endears him to his students and peers alike.

Rabbi Klatzko

Rabbi Rafael Klatzko

Morning / Afternoon Rebbe


A seasoned talmid chacham whose comprehensive knowledge of halacha, innovative mind, and unstinting generosity make him a favorite among students.

Rabbi Steinherz

Rabbi Avi Steinherz

Afternoon / Night Rebbe


Enter his radar and he'll zoom in with a bright smile, a warm hug and an encouraging word. Even after they've moved on to the next level, talmidim love to return and sit by Rabbi Steinherz's table to hear his passionate words of Torah Chizuk.

Rabbi  Yudkowsky

Rabbi Chaim Yitzchok Yudkowsky

Afternoon Seder Rebbe


Rabbi Kashnow

Rabbi Tzvi Mike Kashnow

Alumni Director


A charismatic smile and a pun, his two main weapons of choice, are always to be found at the ready. Between his unique elucidatory skills and his constant joviality, Rabbi Kashnow has encouraged Talmidim to reach beyond their assumed potential and succeed.

Rabbi Klein-Kaufman

Rabbi Yisroel Klein-Kaufman

Night Seder Rebbe


Night is a crucial time for Torah learning. To take advantage of the late hour, one needs to bring to the table both a depth of scholarship and an engaging sense of excitement. Rabbi Klein-Kaufman does just that, delivering a high level night seder shiur to the second year students.

Rabbi Geisler

Rabbi Avraham Geisler

Night Seder Rebbe


Rabbi Bennett

Rabbi Yaakov Bennett

Night Seder Rebbe


Rabbi Buchler

Rabbi Yechiel Buchler

Programming / Night Rebbe


Rabbi Buchler has an iron will that is only outlasted by his physical endurance. Known to often challenge the gemara's assertion that mortals cannot function longer than 72 hours without rest, Rabbi Buchler has taken the programs in Yeshiva to a whole new level.

Rabbi Pepper

Rabbi Shevach Pepper

Morning Seder Rebbe


Rabbi Miller

Rabbi Boaz Miller

Second Seder Rebbe


Rabbi Miller

Rabbi Avrumi Miller

Night Seder Rebbe


Rabbi  Greenwald

Rabbi Chananel Greenwald

Night Seder Rebbe


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